Hacking Happiness: Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking It Can Change the World

John Havens

The word "happiness" appears as "h(app)iness."


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Book Information

Publisher: Tarcherperigee
Publish Date: 03/10/2015
Pages: 304
ISBN-13: 9780399173196
ISBN-10: 0399173196
Language: English

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April 17, 2015

Working Toward Happiness

By Sally Haldorson

Like many things, perhaps working hard for happiness makes those moments of happiness, in whatever form, savory rather than just sweet. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

The answer to The Dumbest Generation--Hacking H(app)iness shows us how to utilize our technology to improve the human experience and drive social change. Hacking H(app)iness was featured at TEDx and in USA Today, Fast Company, BBC News, Mashable.com, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., PRWeek, and Advertising Age. In Hacking H(app)iness, futurist and contributing Mashable.com writer John C. Havens introduces you to your "quantified self"--your digital identity represented by gigabytes of data produced from tracking your activities on your smartphone and computer. Harvested by mega-corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, this data is gathered, Havens argues, because of its immense economic value, by companies that encourage a culture of "sharing" as they hoard the information for monetary gain. But there's an alternative to this digital dystopia. Emerging technologies will help us reclaim this valuable data for ourselves. At the same time, sensors in smartphones and wearable devices will help us track our emotions and thereby improve our well-being. An issues book highlighting the benefits of an examined life in the digital world, this timely work takes the trepidation out of the technological renaissance and illustrates how the fruits of the Information Age can improve our lives for a happier humanity.

About John Havens

John C. Havens is a contributing writer for Mashable, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post. He is the Founder of The H(app)athon Project, a non-profit organization, "Connecting Happiness to Action one phone, one heart, and one city at a time" through the use of interactive, sensor-based smartphone surveys.

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