How to Be a Coffee Bean: 111 Life-Changing Ways to Create Positive Change

How to Be a Coffee Bean: 111 Life-Changing Ways to Create Positive Change

By Jon Gordon and Damon West

Transform your life and the lives of others with powerful concepts from The Coffee Bean How to be a Coffee Bean offers readers 111 effective and powerful strategies for putting the coffee bean philosophy into practice. In the book, you'll find simple habits, powerful encouragement, and proven techniques to help you energize yourself and others.


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Book Information

Publisher: Wiley
Publish Date: 02/01/2023
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9781119430285
ISBN-10: 1119430283
Language: English

Full Description

Create positive and lasting change in your life with proven concepts from The Coffee Bean

In How to be a Coffee Bean, bestselling coauthors of The Coffee Bean, Jon Gordon and Damon West, present 111 simple and effective strategies to help you lead a coffee bean lifestyle--one full of healthy habits, encouragement, and genuine happiness. From athletes to students and executives, countless individuals have been inspired by The Coffee Bean message. Now, How to be a Coffee Bean teaches you how to put The Coffee Bean philosophy into action to help you create real and lasting change in your life.

How to be a Coffee Bean presents thought-provoking ideas to help you create positive change, including:

  • How to fuel your mind, body, and soul to energize yourself and others
  • How to make a difference in the lives of others every day
  • How to look for opportunities to be a messenger of hope and perseverance through your background, experiences, successes, and failures

Easy to implement, practical, proven, and highly effective, How to be a Coffee Bean shows you how to put the powerful lessons from The Coffee Bean into practice. It's a must-read for anyone looking to live their best life and impact and transform the people and environment around them.

About the Authors

JON GORDON has inspired millions of readers around the world. He is the author of 28 books, including five children's books and thirteen bestsellers.

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DAMON WEST is a keynote speaker, author of The Change Agent , and coauthor of the bestselling book The Coffee Bean and The Coffee Bean for Kids.

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