How to Make a Shark Smile: How a Positive Mindset Spreads Happiness

How to Make a Shark Smile: How a Positive Mindset Spreads Happiness

By Shawn Achor and Amy Blankson

The residents of an aquarium learn that often a smile can turn a bully into a friend.


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Book Information

Publisher: Little Pickle Press
Publish Date: 02/25/2020
Pages: 40
ISBN-13: 9781492694724
ISBN-10: 149269472X
Language: English

Full Description

"[How to Make a Shark Smile] teaches that a gesture as simple as a smile can have a profound effect on others."--Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Happier at Home

A story about choosing happiness and the ripple effect of a positive mindset. Includes seven happiness exercises at the back of the book to encourage kids to fit them in every single day!

Ripple the dolphin just moved to a new aquarium and is excited to make some friends! But as she swims around, she notices the water is still and quiet. The eels have no zing. The neon fishes don't glow. The seahorses aren't horsing around. Everyone's too afraid of a mean shark named Snark!

Ripple is determined to show her new friends that they shouldn't be afraid--it's all about mindset. They can choose to be happy!

But just as the aquarium begins to liven up, Snark the shark shows up ready to prove Ripple wrong. Can Ripple get Snark to smile too?

Bestselling authors and happiness experts Shawn Achor and Amy Blankson invite you to dive in and learn how you can spread joy to those around you with Ripple and her friends.

Perfect for:

  • Parents who want to introduce their children to a positive mindset, help them build self-confidence, and set them up for personal and professional success
  • Educators and librarians who need a funny, engaging picture book to include in their growth mindset curriculum and collections

About the Authors

Claudia Ranucci is an illustrator born in Rome and based in in Madrid. She has a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from the Istituto Superiore Industrie Artisitche, in Urbino, Italy. In 1998, she co-founded the studio, SPR/MSH, where she has worked as a designer and publisher. Her books have been published in France, Portugal, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Brazil and the United States.

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Shawn Achor spent over a decade at Harvard University studying the principles of happiness before penning the international bestseller, The Happiness Advantage. He is also the founder of Good Think. To teach his happiness principles to younger readers, he collaborated with his sister, Amy Blankson, to write Ripple's Effect.

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