I Married a Munster!: My Life with Grandpa Al Lewis, a Memoir

I Married a Munster!: My Life with Grandpa Al Lewis, a Memoir

By Karen Lewis

Millions of people worldwide welcomed Al Lewis into their living rooms. His hilarious characters on TV's The Munsters and Car 54, Where Are You, were loved and idolized. Everyone knew him - one person didn't, but she married him anyway. This is her story. And their love story, not your average Celebrity Memoir.


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Book Information

Publisher: Ancient Juvenile Minds
Publish Date: 06/30/2015
Pages: 344
ISBN-13: 9780990558514
ISBN-10: 0990558517
Language: English

Full Description

Karen Lewis's memoir, I Married a Munster, is the hilarious, colorful love story of her marriage to America's Icon, Al Lewis, "Grandpa" in the famously long-lived sitcom, THE MUNSTERS. Part Romantic Comedy and part Drama, Karen provides a rollicking yet intimate look at this outwardly mismatched - she's from Berkeley/he's from Brooklyn - couple's search for connection and honesty. The author provides juicy inside peeks into Al's theatrical past, acting on stage, in film and television performances, and similarly, the fabulous evening they spent having dinner with Fred Gwynne and his wife, when Grandpa and Herman Munster dish the dirt on Mockingbird Lane. Rich in theater anecdotes and stories from Al's life, it's wrapped in Karen's Aha! Moments as the scope of their life together widens.The landscape widens, too, as the couple travels around the planet where Al Lewis is regaled as "Grandpa" in languages galore. They made film festival trips to Cuba where we find out that Castro knew Al from New York. Their journey reveals many surprising sides of Al, like the political one: He ran for governor of New York for the Green Party. This book reveals that a certain old baggy pants Brooklyn comic taught Black History to the Black Panthers! They produced their own public affairs talk show on WBAI-NYC - one of the many eye-openers for the average Grandpa Munster fan. Storytelling at its best, the deeper message is an urgent wake up call to use ones lifetime wisely and to engage humanity with empathy and compassion. Chapter Highlights: Al's run for Governor; Karen's debut on the Howard Stern Show; Debbie Harry at the Married to the Mob wrap party; Prisoner's Rights Advocacy; Alternative Medicine; Radio hosting; Dinner with Fred Gwynne; Meeting Fidel Castro; Filming My Grandpa is a Vampire in New Zealand; Tenants' Rights; Race Awareness with Dick Gregory; and more. Important themes emerge such as Politics, theater, acting, sociology, popular psychology and philosophy, medicine, education, feminism, sports, music, and ultimately, love.

About the Author

Cover Art by Ernie Fosselius: artist, satirist, cartoonist, puppeteer and filmmaker. His film, "Hardware Wars," is hailed around the world as the most popular short film ever. Also an animator for vintage Sesame Street, Ernie probably taught you to count.

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