J. Irwin Miller: The Shaping of an American Town

J. Irwin Miller: The Shaping of an American Town

By Nancy Kriplen

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1. Biography of J. Irwin Miller, American industrialist, patron of modern architecture, civil rights advocate, and lay leader in the Christian ecumenical movement. Miller was eminent Indiana architect profiles an important figure in Midwest architecture and design. 2. Author has widely researched Miller and offers the first true biography of him.


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Book Information

Publisher: Indiana University Press
Publish Date: 10/01/2019
Pages: 160
ISBN-13: 9780253043818
ISBN-10: 0253043816
Language: English

Full Description

J. Irwin Miller: The Shaping of An American Town tells the life story of this remarkable man who led Cummins Engine Company from its roots as a small, family business to an international Fortune 500 company and transformed Columbus, Indiana, into a gem of midcentury modern architecture. As president and then chairman of Cummins, Miller emphasized a corporation's responsibility to the community in which it was located and its other stakeholders. Miller's commitment to Columbus architecture inspired such legends as I. M. Pei, Eliel and Eero Saarinen, Kevin Roche, and others to contribute their designs to what has become one of the most artistically revolutionary towns in the country. Columbus's unique public art and architecture continue to inspire young architects and attract visitors from around the world. Miller has also played a significant role in the American civil rights movement, securing cosponsorship for the March on Washington and working with presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson to help pass the Civil Rights Act. Martin Luther King Jr., once called Miller "the most socially responsible businessman in the country."

About the Author

Nancy Kriplen is the author of Dwight Davis: The Man and The Cup and The Eccentric Billionaire: John D. MacArthur--Empire Builder, Reluctant Philanthropist, Relentless Adversary.

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