Legacy Spectrum Workbook

The Legacy Spectrum Workbook

By Mark A Weber and Philip Cubeta

This Workbook is designed to help readers: • Determine how much is enough, but not too much, to leave to children. • Learn how a legacy can benefit both children and communities. • Crystallize thinking about both financial and values legacies. • Teach children to be good stewards of the financial wealth they will receive.


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Book Information

Publisher: Vinton Street Press
Publish Date: 07/31/2018
Pages: 27
ISBN-10: 0999090704
Language: English

Full Description

In 2017, Mark Weber wrote The Legacy Spectrum: Passing Your Wealth With Thought And Meaning as a guidebook to help wealthy individuals (and the advisors who work with them) go beyond traditional estate planning to create meaningful family and community legacies. In this companion Workbook, Weber and philanthropy expert, Philip Cubeta, widen the focus to all individuals who wish to:

  • Leave children “enough” money, but not too much; and
  • Leave legacies for children and community.


This Workbook contains the exercises and direction to do both and is designed to help readers:

  • Crystallize their thoughts about the financial and legacy values they wish to leave behind;
  • Teach children to be good stewards of the financial wealth they will receive; and
  • Guide advisors as they work to create the lasting legacy each of us desires.

About the Author

Mark Weber leads the Wealth Transfer department of SilverStone Group, a full-service resource management firm that provides employee benefit, actuarial and human resource consulting as well as insurance brokerage services. For nearly 30 years he has advised some of the wealthiest families in America in both personal financial and estate planning.

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