Lifepass: Drop Your Limits, Rise to Your Potential -A Groundbreaking Approach to Goal Setting

Lifepass: Drop Your Limits, Rise to Your Potential -A Groundbreaking Approach to Goal Setting

By Payal Kadakia

"While building ClassPass from the ground up, Payal Kadakia became so consumed with starting her company and getting it right that she let everything else in her life slide: her relationships, her home, her family, even her health. It took a holiday vacation with a good friend to realize she had to fix what was off in her life for the sake of her health, happiness, and her company.


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Book Information

Publisher: Chronicle Prism
Publish Date: 02/15/2022
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9781797206943
ISBN-10: 179720694X
Language: English

Full Description

National Bestseller! Introducing a unique method of goal setting that will help you hone in on your feelings, screen out unnecessary distractions, and live a successful and fulfilling life based on your deepest desires. "Everyone is always searching for the one secret formula for success, but in reality it's such a personal journey. LifePass is a master class on how to live the life you've always wanted and thrive."--Arianna Huffington Introducing The LifePass Method: A unique method of goal setting from the founder of the revolutionary fitness and wellness platform ClassPass. Grant yourself permission to have the life you most want to live. When Payal Kadakia let go of the pressure to achieve a traditional kind of success, she tuned in to her calling and built ClassPass into a billion-dollar business. In LifePass, she shares the method that not only changed her approach to business but to her life. In LifePass, you will learn how to:
  • Focus on what's meaningful to you
  • Embrace all parts of your identity
  • Push past expectations to hear your own voice
  • Turn failure into learning opportunities
  • Make money work for you, instead of working for it
  • Manage your time guilt free
  • Build a supportive tribe of people around you
  • Set actionable goals aligned to your dreams
THE POWER OF POSITIVITY: You are meant to live an inspired life. LifePass shows you how. Jay Shetty, author of Think Like a Monk says, "Payal Kadakia's book is going to inspire readers everywhere to find their passion and live their purpose. LifePass is a powerful guide for anyone who wants to take that first step toward achieving their goals." EMPOWERING SELF-DISCIPLINE BOOK: The LifePass method is a simple tool that helps you take a deep look at your life and set meaningful goals. With this powerful and practical tool, you will be empowered to find your purpose, develop a plan, and execute it successfully. As one reader says, "LifePass is a part spiritual, part business, part get-off-your-ass manual." Perfect for:
  • Anyone seeking practical guidance for improving their personal or professional life
  • Recent graduates, job seekers, or those considering a career change
  • Birthday, graduation, retirement, or self-care gift for women or men
  • Fans of Payal Kadakia and her ClassPass fitness program
  • Readers of such bestsellers as Atomic Habits, Adam Grant's Think Again, The 5AM Club, Jen Sincero's Badass Habits, and BrenĂ© Brown books

About the Author

PAYAL KADAKIA is the founder of revolutionary fitness and wellness platform, ClassPass, which provides people access to the best boutique fitness classes, gyms, and wellness experiences around the world.

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