Living Beyond "What If?": Release the Limits and Realize Your Dreams

Living Beyond "What If?": Release the Limits and Realize Your Dreams

By Shirley Davis

"Free yourself from self-limiting thoughts and fears. Dr. Shirley Davis lays out a blueprint for finding your life's purpose and living your dreams"--


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Book Information

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Publish Date: 08/10/2021
Pages: 168
ISBN-13: 9781523093267
ISBN-10: 1523093269
Language: English

What We're Saying

August 11, 2021

Overcoming our disempowering beliefs isn’t easy. It takes a significant amount of work, introspection, and time. Moreover, it isn’t a “one and done.” You don’t just go through this process once and be finished with it. Rather, it’s an ongoing process of steps that we must revisit over and over. We must, therefore, commit ourselves to long-term change. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

August 10, 2021

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By Dylan Schleicher, Gabbi Cisneros, Emily Porter


Full Description

Free yourself from self-limiting beliefs and fears that keep you stuck. This book lays out a blueprint for how to take control of your life and begin living your dreams. We all dream. We all imagine. And we all want to live our best life. But why is it that 90 percent of people admit that if they got to live their life over, they would live it differently? What keeps us comfortable with the status quo and unable to get beyond "What if"? In part 1 of this book, Dr. Shirley Davis addresses these and other questions by guiding the reader through a personal journey of self-discovery, a search for significance, and an examination of the self-imposed limitations that can hijack our purpose, power, and possibilities. In part 2, she details the readers' journies toward realizing their dreams by reimagining their lives, identifying their "why," and developing a life plan to stay focused and accountable. She describes the right questions to ask, the right mindset to adopt, and the right relationships to build that will enable everyone to live the life he or she has always imagined. Dr. Davis reveals the necessary steps for releasing the limits we place on ourselves as a result of life's tests, wrong thinking, and bad decisions. She helps readers overcome paralyzing fears that keep dreams on pause and inspires the confidence to jump first and grow wings on the way down.

About the Author

Dr. Shirley Davis is president and CEO of SDS Global Enterprises, a firm specializing in human resources strategy; talent management; leadership effectiveness; culture transformation; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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