Multi-Hyphen Life: Work Less, Create More, and Design a Life That Works for You

The Multi-Hyphen Life: Work Less, Create More, and Design a Life That Works for You

By Emma Gannon

"Revised and updated from The Multi Hyphen Method, originally published in 2018."


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Book Information

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publish Date: 04/14/2020
Pages: 208
ISBN-13: 9781524852429
ISBN-10: 1524852422
Language: English

Full Description

If you've been itching to convert your craft into a career, your side-hustle into a start-up, or just want to think about work-life balance in a new way, then The Multi-Hyphen Life is for you. In The Multi-Hyphen Life, award-winning British author-podcaster Emma Gannon explains that it doesn't matter if you're a part-time PA with a blog, or an accountant who runs an online store in the evenings--whatever your ratio, whatever your mixture, we can all channel our own entrepreneurial spirit to live more fulfilled and financially healthy lives. Technology allows us to work wherever, whenever, and enables us to design our own working lives. Forget the outdated stigma of "jack of all trades, master of none," because having many strings to your bow is essential to get ahead in the modern working world. We all have the skills necessary to work less and create more, and The Multi-Hyphen Life is the source of inspiration you need to help you navigate your way toward your own definition of success.

About the Author

Emma Gannon is a self-saboteur. She is also the bestselling author of The Multi-Hyphen Life and Olive. She is an award-winning podcaster, novelist, speaker, and columnist who has been published everywhere from The Times (UK) to Teen Vogue.

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