Multiple Intelligences and Leadership

Multiple Intelligences and Leadership


Is a high IQ a prerequisite for a leader? This volume brings together well-known researchers in the field of intelligence who are investigating the multiple domains or facets of intelligence.


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Book Information

Publisher: Psychology Press
Publish Date: 01/11/2013
Pages: 280
ISBN-13: 9780415650328
ISBN-10: 0415650321
Language: English

Full Description

This edited book presents cutting-edge research looking at the role of multiple intelligence--cognitive (IQ), emotional intelligence, social intelligence--in effective leadership, written by the most distinguished scholars in the two distinct fields of intelligence and leadership. The synergy of bringing together both traditional intelligence researchers and renowned leadership scholars to discuss how multiple forms of intelligence impact leadership has important implications for the study and the practice of organizational and political leadership. This volume emanates from the recent explosion of interest in non-IQ domains of intelligence, particularly in Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence. Indeed, the leading EI and SI scholars have contributed to this book. Research described in this book suggests that: (1) possession of multiple forms of intelligence is important for effective leadership; (2) researchers are just beginning to understand the breadth, depth, and potential applications of non-IQ domains of intelligence; (3) incorporating multiple intelligence constructs into existing leadership theories will improve our understanding of effective leadership; and (4) research on multiple intelligence has important implications for both the selection and training of future leaders.

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