Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution

Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution

By Amory Lovins, L Hunter Lovins, and Paul Hawken

This groundbreaking book reveals how today's global businesses can be both environmentally responsible and highly profitable.


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Book Information

Publisher: Back Bay Books
Publish Date: 10/12/2000
Pages: 416
ISBN-13: 9780316353007
ISBN-10: 0316353000
Language: English

Full Description

Hawken ("The Ecology of Commerce") and Amory and Hunter Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, an environmental think tank, have put together an ambitious, visionary book advocating "natural capitalism." Based on the principle that businesses can be good for the environment, "Natural Capitalism" shows how leading-edge companies are practicing "a new type of industrialism" that is both more efficient and more profitable, while simultaneously protecting the planet and creating jobs. Natural capitalism is a way of thinking that seeks to apply market principles to all sources of material value, most importantly natural resources. The authors have two related goals: first, to show the vast array of ecologically smart options available to businesses; second, to argue that it is possible for society and industry to adopt them.

About the Authors

Amory Lovins, a consultant physicist, is among the world's leading experts in energy and its links with resources, security, development, and environment.

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Paul Hawken's bestselling books include Blessed Unrest , Natural Capitalism , and The Next Economy. He has also written dozens of articles, op-eds, and papers concerning the responsibility of business to the natural environment.

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