New Rules: Eight Business Breakthroughs to Career Success in the 21st Century

The New Rules: Eight Business Breakthroughs to Career Success in the 21st Century

By John P Kotter

Harvard Business School's Class of 1974 entered the workforce at a time when economic turmoil was fomenting radical, fundamental changes in the business environment. This landmark, 20-year study of its 115 members identifies the factors that influenced their career decisions and explores the breakthroughs that brought them wealth, satisfaction, and security during a time of intense economic volatility.


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Book Information

Publisher: Free Press
Publish Date: 06/19/1997
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9780684834252
ISBN-10: 0684834251
Language: English

Full Description

Based on a landmark twenty-year study of 115 members of the Harvard Business School's Class of 1974, this vital and important book describes how the globalization of markets and competition is altering career paths, wage levels, the structure and functioning of corporations, and the very nature of work itself.

The "New Rules" include:

New Rule #1: Conventional career paths through large corporations no longer lead to success as they once did;

New Rule #4: The greatest opportunities have shifted away from professional management in manufacturing to consulting and other service industries;

New Rule #7: Success requires high personal standards and a strong desire to win.

About the Author

John P. Kotter is Konosuke Matsuhita Professor of Leadership at the Harvard Business School and an internationally recognized authority on managerial behavior and leadership. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his wife and children.

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