Power of Respect: Benefit from the Most Forgotten Element of Success

The Power of Respect: Benefit from the Most Forgotten Element of Success

By Deborah Norville

Bestselling author and journalist Norville researches the importance of respect in our daily lives and in society as a whole. Covering essential issues that surround this easily overlooked and forgotten virtue, Norville reminds readers that respect is key to a successful life.


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Book Information

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publish Date: 10/12/2009
Pages: 224
ISBN-13: 9780785227601
ISBN-10: 0785227601
Language: English

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December 21, 2009

I just spotted an article posted by aol jobs this morning about a woman in Quebec that posed as a man on her blog and received benefits on both professional and monetary levels. It's astounding to think such sexism still is in place at the end of 2009 - read on: What's in a Name? Big Profits, Apparently - by Lisa Johnson Mandell Oh no he didn't! READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

Want respect from others? Scientific research says, try giving it.

There is power in respect. And it comes with multiple benefits.

In business:

  • Higher sales
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Less exposure to lawsuits

At home:

  • A stronger marriage
  • Healthier family dynamics
  • More polite children

In your personal life:

  • More self-respect and confidence
  • Closer friendships
  • Higher standing in the community

Respect, a lost value in our world today, is the latest subject of research for Inside Edition anchor and best-selling author Deborah Norville. Citing scientific studies and using stories based on personal interviews, Norville makes a compelling case for the Power of Respect--the simple act of treating people as though they really matter.

In The Power of Respect Norville details the specific dollar savings in business and dramatic improvements in student test scores that are directly attributable to respect. She says, "Now that I've seen the research done by some of the greatest minds in the field, I am stunned to see the impact of being respected and giving respect. I am also mystified. Why wouldn't someone want to put it to work?"

Respect tips, sprinkled throughout the text, and Respect Reminders, at the end of each chapter, add to the clarity of the message and help reinforce the personal benefits. Start practicing this most overlooked ingredient of success and find out what it means for you!

About the Author

Deborah Norville is the anchor of Inside Edition, the nation's longest running, top-rated syndicated newsmagazine with five million viewers. The two-time Emmy-Award winner and lecturer is also a New York Times best-selling author. She and her husband have three children.

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