Sanditon and Other Stories

Sanditon and Other Stories

By Jane Austen

"This edition first published in 1974 as Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon"--Copyright page.


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Book Information

Publisher: Penguin Books
Publish Date: 01/07/2020
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9780143135630
ISBN-10: 0143135635
Language: English

Full Description

In time for the highly-awaited TV series, a new edition of Jane Austen's delightful final work, set in a newly established seaside resort with a glorious cast of hypochondriacs and speculators In the final months of Jane Austen's life, she began work on a new novel about social drama in the small seaside town of Sanditon, once a small fishing village and now a bustling spa town. In the story of Charlotte Heywood, a new arrival, Austen she contemplated a changing society with a mixture of skepticism and amusement, and notably crafted her only character of color in the mixed-race heiress Miss Lambe. Though unfinished at the time of her death, it is a key work for readers of Jane Austen, and all the moreso with a major upcoming TV adaptation. This volume includes Sanditon, as well as two other lesser-known works, Lady Susan and The Watsons. The early epistolary novel Lady Susan depicts an unscrupulous coquette, toying with several men. And The Watsons is a delightful fragment, whose spirited heroine, Emma, finds her marriage opportunities restricted by poverty and pride. With three vital and less familiar works by one of the most important novelists in the English language, this book is a must-have for Austen fans.

About the Author

Jane Austen (1775-1817) was modest about her own genius but is one of English literature's greatest and most admired writers. She is the author of Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion.

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