School of Squeeze: Dying to Thriving in Agribusiness

School of Squeeze: Dying to Thriving in Agribusiness

By Dan Tracy

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As young adults, two brothers left Florida to travel the world on the cheap. Those travels, together with some ingenuity, fed into the rebirth of a tired, old citrus company. School of Squeeze epitomizes the struggles facing America's agribusiness and how one family prevailed. Author Dan Tracy writes about the overhaul with journalistic flair.


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Book Information

Publisher: Fifth Estate Media LLC.
Publish Date: 08/01/2020
Pages: 222
ISBN-13: 9781943307135
ISBN-10: 194330713X
Language: English

Full Description

Central Florida's Brown brothers took over their father's citrus processing plant long after the World War II hero built Florida Food Products, Inc. and helped lead Florida Citrus Mutual. At the time when Jerry and Tom Brown began working with the company, international competition had started to cut into profits. The once-successful company soon faced dim prospects. With revenues sagging and deals disappearing, the sibling team began a decades-long effort to reinvent the plant. They expanded business lines with aloe, carrots, beets, watermelon and celery processing. They even toyed with hair dye. By experimenting with new markets, marshaling researchers from the University of Florida and Iowa State and also pounding on doors, they began to turn around their family legacy. Their global approach to production, sourcing and sales led them to prized contracts. Ultimately, the pain of reinvention paid off for the Browns. Author Dan Tracy paints a portrait of a family rooted in agribusiness. His book, School of Squeeze, also underscores the values and courage of generations that have constantly rethought their circumstances to find new opportunities. Layered with photos, this fast reading book promises to inspire everyone from new employees and entrepreneurs to managers and consultants.

About the Author

Dan Tracy is a freelance writer who spent more than 35 years as a newspaper reporter, primarily with the Orlando Sentinel. He covered just about every beat imaginable, won numerous awards and was nominated three times for the Pulitzer Prize.

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