Teamwork 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know

Teamwork 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know

By John C Maxwell

Maxwell draws his previous works about leadership and teamwork to help leaders create an environment that brings about victory and fulfillment for every employee.


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Book Information

Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership
Publish Date: 11/01/2009
Pages: 128
ISBN-13: 9781400280254
ISBN-10: 1400280257
Language: English

Full Description

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. Let John C. Maxwell teach you how teamwork is the heart of great achievement in the game of business.

Teamwork is a vital part of success in sports, pop culture, and every other industry--including business. In this essential guidebook, New York Times bestselling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell explains why teamwork is so critical and shows you how to prioritize teamwork and collaboration to achieve winning results.

In Teamwork 101, you'll learn how to:

  • build a team that lasts;
  • create positive energy on the team;
  • harness a team's creativity;
  • identify weak players who negatively impact your team;
  • and judge if your team can accomplish the dream.

You'll also discover how a winning team is self-fulfilling fuel: because everyone wants to be part of the winning team, you'll continue to attract only the best talent--and stay on top. A great team is the key to great results--for individual employees, leaders, and the company as a whole.

Teamwork 101 demonstrates how to build and maintain one for yourself so you can leverage the benefits--and fun--of exceptional teamwork.

About the Author

John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker who has sold more than 33 million books in fifty languages. He has been identified as the #1 leader in business and the most influential leadership expert in the world.

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