Truth about Hiring the Best

The Truth about Hiring the Best

By Cathy Fyock

In "The Truth About Hiring the Best," readers will learn its not just a job to fill; its an organizations future that is being re-created. Furthermore, getting the best isnt just about asking the right questions, its about listening for the right answers.


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Publisher: FT Press
Publish Date: 09/01/2007
Pages: 215
ISBN-13: 9780132381864
ISBN-10: 0132381869
Language: English

Full Description

"Talent matters. No one denies this fact. But, there is often a gap between wanting and getting talent. Cathy Fyock's 53 'Truths' provide concrete, practical, and well-tested ideas to close the talent gap. The ideas are reasonable, grounded in research, and actionable. This is an excellent book for those who pay attention to hiring. The 53 Truths offer a roadmap for doing this important task more effectively." Dave Ulrich, Professor of Business, University of Michigan, Partner, The RBL Group "You think you knew everything you needed to know about employment until you read the most recent, catchy FT Press 'Truth' book by staffing expert Cathy Fyock. In only 224 pages Fyock effectively uses 53 'Truths' to challenge many of HR's long-standing assumptions and practices related to recruitment and selection. With everyone wanting to 'hire the best, ' this quick read has a high ROI." Michael R. Losey, SPHR, CAE, Former CEO, Society for Human Resource Management "Cathy Fyock knows there is no 'silver bullet' when it comes to successful recruiting and hiring-and that passive tactics do not provide high quality results. She knows the truth: Today's low unemployment rates combined with increasing retirements of Baby Boomers spell trouble for employers hoping to expand. Her fresh approach shows the reader that there are numerous opportunities to connect with great future employees, and she provides practical advice for tapping multiple sources simultaneously, as well as interviewing and making offers. If you want to hire the best, this book is your guide!" Nancy S. Ahlrichs, SPHR, President, EOC Strategies, LLC Great business results start with great talent. Get it-and keep it! This book reveals 53 Proven Hiring Principles and bite-size, easy-to-use techniques that work. - The truth about finding hidden sources of talent - The truth about making great people want to work for you - The truth about interviewing: asking the right questions Getting the best people for your organization is not only difficult, but the strategies for getting the best often are not obvious. To get the best you first need to identify who the best are, then determine how to reach the best, and then decide on the best among the best you want to hire. In The Truth About Hiring the Best you will learn: it's not just a job to fill; it's your organization's future that you're creating; getting the best isn't just about asking the right questions, it's about listening for the right answers; and great people don't want to work for desperate employers. It's a war for talent, and you need to win.

About the Author

Catherine D. Fyock, CSP, SPHR, is an Employment Strategist and Principal of Innovative Management Concepts in Crestwood, KY, providing insights on recruiting and retaining the best employees in an aging and changing workplace. She frequently helps organizations develop strategies to reduce turnover and improve productivity through their human resource management.

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