Truth from the Valley: A Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade

Truth from the Valley: A Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade

By Mark Settle

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This book provides a comprehensive portrayal of the trends that will shape IT management practices in the next decade, and it challenges its readers to find ways of converting these challenges into opportunities that will enable their organizations to become more efficient, more impactful, and more business relevant in the future.


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Book Information

Publisher: Productivity Press
Publish Date: 02/12/2020
Pages: 214
ISBN-13: 9780367430009
ISBN-10: 0367430002
Language: English

Full Description

The IT industry was transformed during the 2010 decade. Cloud-based business applications proliferated throughout most enterprises. Rules of engagement between IT and its business partners were redefined. Proprietary data centers came to be viewed as corporate liabilities instead of corporate assets. Information security and regulatory compliance concerns multiplied. And finally, end user support practices were redesigned to support smart devices and smart millennials who wanted immediate access to their data, applications and productivity tools at any time and any place.

Nowhere have these changes been more profound or pervasive than in Silicon Valley. The Valley is home to a wide variety of cloud-native companies that operate entirely on cloud applications and cloud computing resources. Many operate under stringent security safeguards and all are engaged in a perpetual war for IT talent. They are ravenous (sometimes reckless) adopters of new technology and are continually re-inventing the processes they use to recruit and retain talent, optimize internal operations, and manage new forms of technology.

Truth from the Valley

describes the organizational challenges confronting Silicon Valley IT teams and proposes ways of transforming such challenges into organizational opportunities. Seven-time CIO Mark Settle brings a unique perspective to the discussion of contemporary IT management practices based upon his personal experience in the Valley startup community and larger Fortune 500 firms.

This book can be used as a strategic planning document by IT leaders everywhere to identify the organizational competencies their teams will need to succeed during the next decade. Savvy leaders will use this book to make targeted investments in those organizational capabilities that will enhance the impact of their teams and advance their careers in the process.

About the Author

Mark Settle is a six-time CIO with broad experience in the information services, enterprise software, consumer product, high tech distribution, financial services, and oil and gas industries.

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