Turn the Ship Around! How to Create Leadership at Every Level

Turn the Ship Around!: How to Create Leadership at Every Level

By L David Marquet

A new mechanism for first-class leadership forged on board a nuclear submarine.


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Publisher: Portfolio
Publish Date: 05/16/2013
Pages: 272
ISBN-13: 9781591846406
ISBN-10: 1591846404
Language: English

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December 10, 2012

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Full Description

From the vantage point of the commander of the USS Santa Fe, read how the crew completely turned the ship around, going from worst to first by questioning many of our basic leadership assumptions and shifting from take-control authority to give-control empowerment.
Share the author's insights as the crew gains unprecedented decision making authority, the risks of doing so, and the reward of an exponentially more effective and more resilient organization.
Learn how to achieve astounding results by applying the author s practical steps, such as
- Release proactivity and initiative with ''I intend to...''
- Build teamwork and minimize errors with deliberate action
- Enhance responsibility and ownership by eliminating top-down monitoring
- Improving morale by focusing on excellence rather than errors.
See what it s really like to operate a nuclear submarine -- from navigation to missile launching -- and learn the mechanisms used to propel Santa Fe not only to the top but to achieve a lasting transformation, one that resulted in the ship's continued operational excellence and the highly disproportionate promotion rate among Santa Fe s crew long after Marquet had left command.


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