Unstoppable Brain: The New Neuroscience That Frees Us from Failure, Eases Our Stress, and Creates La

Unstoppable Brain: The New Neuroscience That Frees Us from Failure, Eases Our Stress, and Creates Lasting Change

By Kyra Bobinet

We all want the power and motivation to create change in our lives. But how to get that in a stumbling dance of one step forward and two steps back. Negative emotions run rampant in many people's lives today; a reality that feels like a shrink wrap of suffering. Popular fallback "solutions" of performance-based goals and tools focus on extrinsic rewards like fame, wealth, or winning.


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Book Information

Publisher: Forbesbooks
Publish Date: 04/30/2024
Pages: 208
ISBN-13: 9798887503684
ISBN-10: 8887503680
Language: English

Full Description

We all want the autonomy and power to change our lives for the better and yet many of us feel stuck in the same bad habits, patterns, and short-term fixes. We know what we should do, but often we cannot get ourselves to actually do it.

In Unstoppable Brain, Dr. Kyra Bobinet debunks today's over-dependence on performance-driven tools such as calorie counting, SMART goals, and likes/followers that attempt to motivate us into behavior change. These methods work well in the short term but have a long-term downside of negative emotions and harmful behaviors. Yet despite these poor results, we keep using the same performative approaches over and over. Something is missing.

Emerging research into the neuroscience of behavior and motivation has brought to light to a little-understood area of the brain, the habenula; possibly the most powerful controller of behavior ever found. If left untended, the habenula acts as a failure detector and motivation kill switch that can rob you of positive or lasting change, leaving you stuck in relapse, frustration, and suffering.

Understanding the habenula's inner workings is must-have knowledge to obtain the freedom and agency for the life you long for. New research reveals that the habenula is a primary gating mechanism for everything that does or doesn't happen in your life, what you do or do not do and. It is among our biggest obstacles to change.

In this book, you will learn that an activated habenula can dominate even the dopamine and reward systems that the scientific world for decades has esteemed the most powerful behavioral drivers. We will explore exactly what is wrong with today's overly used performative approaches and how you can free yourself to reach your optimal health and best life. Dr. Bobinet unpacks mounting evidence on the habenula and other discoveries that change everything about changing behavior. With this new vision and understanding, your natural tendencies, purpose, and passions can emerge organically and inspire permanent, satisfying, and healthy life change.

Unstoppable Brain frees you from being too performative for others and being too hard on yourself. It provides all you need to restore your sovereignty and empowers you to change your life and habits whenever and however you want. It offers a therapeutic dose of three "medicines" that help you go from stuck to unstoppable. This potent elixir is an antidote to recovering your innate motivation wherever you've been stopped by the past or overwhelmed by the future. Most importantly, this book gives you the key to unlock lasting change.

Dr. Bobinet shares relatable examples from her own story and impactful research studies in resounding instruction for a full, vibrant life. Throughout the book, her engaging voice, relatable vulnerability, and empowering message infuse readers with the tools and reinvigorated power to unlock true, lasting change. Become unstoppable!

About the Author

Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH, has passionately pursued and studied the truth about behavior change for nearly three decades as a physician, public health leader, healthcare executive, and behavioral expert. An award-winning health innovator and thought leader, Dr. Bobinet has an MD from UCSF School of Medicine and an MPH from Harvard University.

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