Marketing Methods to Improve Company Strategy: Applied Tools and Frameworks to Improve a Company's C

Marketing Methods to Improve Company Strategy: Applied Tools and Frameworks to Improve a Company's Competitiveness Using a Network Approach

By Marcos Fava Neves, Luciano Thome E Castro, and Matheus Alberto Consoli

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This book consolidates over 10 years of academic research and consulting activities developed by the authors. The core themes include methods (step frameworks and analytic tools) in marketing and strategy addressed to support managerial planning, analysis, and decision making in these areas. It will be of practical use to students of Business Administration and practitioners seeking new methods to implement to increase their productivity.


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Book Information

Publisher: Routledge
Publish Date: 01/20/2010
Pages: 136
ISBN-13: 9780415873758
ISBN-10: 0415873754
Language: English

Full Description

The authors of this book present several central business methods throughout all chapters. Every method introduced in Marketing Methods to Improve Company Strategy has a strong market driven philosophy. These methods are intended to adjust the firm to consumer needs, considering the presence of competitors in their marketplace. In addition, the book wants to show how it may be used when working with marketing and sales management. Another important theme of this book is the idea that a firm is seen as a network. This network philosophy is an important theme throughout the book, and should open managers' eyes to potential joint marketing activities, as well as joint ventures, other types of contracts and partnerships in a world of firms' fuzzy boundaries.

About the Author

Marcos Fava Neves is an expert in Marketing, Distribution Channels, Networks and Business Strategy for market-driven companies. He has a PhD and Masters in Business by FEA/USP.

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