Reframe the Marketplace: The Total Market Approach to Reaching the New Majority

Reframe the Marketplace: The Total Market Approach to Reaching the New Majority

By Jeffrey L Bowman

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"Reframe identifies the Total Market, a group of emerging consumers who have been ignored in marketing and advertising for the last 50 years. They are the individuals who have been part of the contemporary and cultural transformation of the world's population. That group includes underserved communities, women, the LGBT community, and the followers of non-Christian religions, among others.


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Book Information

Publisher: Wiley
Publish Date: 10/05/2015
Pages: 192
ISBN-13: 9781119100256
ISBN-10: 1119100259
Language: English

What We're Saying

April 19, 2021

America and Corporate America are experiencing two pandemics: COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter. What are the lessons learned and why has Corporate America been slow to change to reflect the New America? READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

Increase your market share by including every customer in the conversation

America and demographics in America continue to change dramatically with the population becoming increasingly more diverse each and every day. Unfortunately, many brands and businesses are just now recognizing this wave of change and not prepared to address the needs and wants of their diverse customer base. Reframe the Marketplace is your guide to modernizing your business approach and growing your business with EVERY customer in mind.

Marketing and Advertising pioneer and award-winning author Jeffrey L. Bowman brings his experience working with organizations like Verizon, Prudential, IKEA, British Airways, Coca-Cola, MolsonCoors and Unilever to the masses with his inclusive Total Market approach to marketing.

In Reframe the Marketplace, Bowman shows you how to identify your organization's underserved markets, their nuanced needs, and build the best customer experiences based on research and insights. From Blacks, LatinX, women, LGBQT+, youth markets and more, you'll learn to go beyond ethnic targeting to true engagement with your customers to uncover opportunities that shape their world and inspire a love for your products.

Discover how to:

  • Modernize your marketing and communications approach to reflect the New America.
  • Design and build a more diverse and inclusive approach to marketing planning, product design, customer experience and go-to-market.
  • Grow your business with input from traditionally underserved markets or what was once called minorities.
  • Effectively reach new customers and emerging markets in a personalized way.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with employees, consumers and drive change from the inside and outside of your organization.

Your customers are diverse, they demand personalized experiences and they're willing to evangelize for the brands they love. They will reward brands who authentically meet their needs. They are speaking up, taking action, and calling for change. It's time to listen or lose out. Reframe the Marketplace is your key to staying relevant and in business.

About the Author

JEFFREY L. BOWMAN is an author, founder, and chairman of the REFRAME: The Brand(TM), a platform dedicated to preparing executives for the New Majority. The organization provides Total Market Enterprise(TM) advisory, education, and training. Launched in 2003, REFRAME has grown from 61 members to over 200 members.

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